Grace B. Francis Romance

The Highlander's Bride by Grace B. Francis will be released by Liquid Silver Books on Monday, July 8th.

Scotland 1295, on the brink of the first Scottish war of independence.

Margaret Landshire Adney, a young noblewoman of English birth, finds herself alone in a foreign land under desperate circumstances, fleeing from a nightmare with no one to protect her and only her own cunning to rely on. After being sent to a man who wants to marry her only to gain control of her family’s ancestral lands, she will do anything to save herself. In order to escape her fate, she needs to find a protector she can rely on, someone who will take her from the turmoil of the Lowlands and the evil men who pursue her.

Bran Mackenzie is a Highland warrior, embittered by a hard life in which he has seen nothing but killing and violence. His uncle has arranged a marriage for him, and Bran travels to pick up his new bride and whisk her back to the Highlands with him. The only problem is Bran has never met the woman before and doesn't even know what she looks like. Margaret Landshire Adney is about to assume her identity and travel with Bran to the Highlands to become his new bride.

The plan was so simple… until she fell in love.

Grace B. Francis Romance

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